30 minutes
GrabCAD Model of Z-Axis Assembly
Core Components Kit
SKU Name Quantity
25142-09 MakerSlide Black 200mm 1
30534-01 Z Axis Motor Plate 1
30169-01 Flanged Bearing 8mm 1
25286-17 Button Head Cap Screw M5 x 8mm 2
25286-18 Button Head Cap Screw M5 x 10mm 2
Note: Shapeoko 2 Upgraders, use the included Button Head Cap Screw M5 × 8mm to complete this step.

1. Insert Flanged Bearing

Insert the flanged bearing into the Z-Plate as shown. Be sure to insert the bearing from the side of the plate that has a recession, the bearing will sit inside the hole so that the flange is flush with the Z-Plate.

Insert two small screws to hold the bearing captive. Finger tighten both and check to make sure the flange is flush with the Z-Plate. Then tighten them down with moderate force.

2. Attach the Z-Plate to the Z-Axis Makerslide

Before you attach the Z-Axis Makerslide to the Z-Plate be sure that you have the correct orientation:

Note: The flange on the bearing is facing down and the rails of the Makerslide are facing forward. You can verify the correct orientation of the Makerslide by looking for the single slot facing foward.

Use the two longer button head cap screws to attach the Z-Plate to the Z-Axis Makerslide. The screws go through the Z-Plate and into the Makerslide.

When you’re done your Z-Axis should look like this:

3. Attach the Z-Axis to the X Carriage

Core Components Kit
SKU Name Quantity
25281-05 T-Slot Nut M5 Pre-Assembly 4
25286-18 Button Head Cap Screw M5 x 10mm 4

Push two screws through the top Z-Axis mounting holes on the X Carriage.

Thread two insertion nuts onto these screws. You’ll only need a couple of threads to grab.

The backside of the Z-Axis Makerslide has two slots that are designed to accept insertion nuts. Slide these slots over the insertion nuts.

Slide the Z-Axis down along the X Carriage to about here and tighten:

Rock the machine onto its front like this:

Insert two more insertion nuts from the bottom of the Z-Axis and finger tighten two screws into them to secure the Z-Axis Makerslide:

The Z-Axis should be captured by four insertion nuts and screws at this point, but you should still be able to slide it up and down the X Carriage. Slide it so that the insertion nuts are just inside of the Makerslide like this:

Note: The bottom of the Z-Axis will not be flush with the X Carriage, it will protrude slightly.

Tighten all four screws that capture the Z-Axis. Alternate between screws in an x-pattern to maintain alignment.

Rock the machine back on to its feet again to continue:

4. Mounting Z-Axis Limit Switch

Note: If you did not purchase limit switches, skip this step.
Limit Switch Kit
SKU Name Quantity
30557-01 Microswitch – Roller Actuator 1
30544-03 Pan Head Screw M2 x 10mm 2
30555-02 Split Lock Washer M2 2

Put the lock washers onto the screws and insert them through the switch and into the holes on the side of the Z-Plate. The holes are threaded, simply tighten the screws just past finger tight.

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