15 minutes

Tuning and calibration

Check out this tuning video to make sure you’ve got everything assembled and working the way it should.

The video will guide you through squaring your machine, adjusting the v-wheels and adjusting the eccentric nuts. Check out this animation to help better understand the motion of the eccentric nuts and v-wheels.

Note: The video shows an eccentric spacer instead of an eccentric nut, however it is the exact same concept.

Setting Motor Current

Check out this link for information on properly setting the amount of current flowing to your stepper motors. You can do this for all three axes, however it’s most important for your y axis as this has two motors sharing one stepper driver chip. The users with NEMA 17s should be fine from the get go, but this is an important step for those with the larger NEMA 23 stepper motors.

Set Motor Current

Note: We are working on more written guides for this process. Check out the community forum for good experience logs and guides for tuning.

Next Step: Install Drivers