X-Carve Instructions / 750mm / Gantry - Side Plates / Stepper Motors

Stepper Motors

Core Components Kit
SKU Name Quantity
25285-52 Socket Head Screw M5 x 16 8
30265-09 Nylon Insert Lock Nut M5 8
750mm Motor and Wiring Kit
SKU Name Quantity
25311-06 Stepper Motor - NEMA 23 2

Attach Stepper Motor - NEMA 23 to Plate

In this step, we’ll be attaching the motors to the Y plates. The motor pulleys are already crimped to the shafts of the motors so you won’t have to worry about attaching or adjusting them. You’ll need two of the X-Axis motors, eight M5x16mm socket head cap screws, and eight M5 nylock nuts.

First, position the motor hub in the large hole on the gantry plate. Make sure that the white socket for the electrical connection is facing the rear of the gantry plate (it should be closest to the holes for the makerslide). Insert the socket-head cap screws and thread on an M5 nylon locking nut to each. Loosely tighten each bolt with a 4mm hex wrench, holding the nut with an 8mm wrench. Go back and secure each bolt until snug.

Repeat this step for the other plate. You should now have two mirrored plates that look like this:

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