X-Carve Instructions / 750mm / Gantry - X-Carriage / Fixed V-Wheels

Fixed V-Wheels

Core Components Kit
SKU Name Quantity
25286-43 Button Head Cap Screw M5 x 25 4
25287-12 M5 Flat Washer 4
25203-01 V Wheel Assembly 4
30265-09 Nylon Insert Lock Nut M5 4

Attach Fixed V-Wheels

This process is similar to attaching the fixed V-Wheels on the gantry side plates. Use an M5x25mm button head cap screw, an M5 washer, and an M5 nylock hex nut to attach the wheels as pictured.

Now you can repeat this process for the other three holes. Your carriage should look like this when you’re done:

Next Step: Adjustable V-Wheels