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Homing Switch

750mm Homing Switch Kit
SKU Name Quantity
30557-02 Microswitch 1
25285-57 Socket Head Screw M2 x 14 2
30555-03 Washer, Split Lock M2 Stainless 2

Attach Home Switch to Left Plate

If you ordered your machine with a home switch kit, you can now attach your switch to the outside of the left plate. To do this you’ll need 2x M2x14mm socket head cap screws, 2x M2 split ring washers, and one of the microswitches from your kit. With the roller actuator pointing down and outside, secure the switch to the plate using the two screws and washers. The holes in the gantry side plate are already threaded to accept the screws.

NOTE: Make sure to position the protruding "split" of the split ring washer away from the plastic microswitch as that may cut into and damage the switch when tightened.
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