X-Carve Instructions / 1000mm / Gantry - Side Plates / Drag Chain Bracket

Drag Chain Bracket

1000mm Drag Chain Kit
SKU Name Quantity
30527-05 Drag Chain Bracket 1
25286-44 Button Head Cap Screw M4 x 10 2
30265-08 Nylon Insert Lock Nut M4 2

Locate 1x drag chain bracket, 2x M4 x 10 button head cap screws and 2x M4 nylon lock nuts. The drag chain brackets and hardware should be included in a bag that is shrinkwrapped to the drag chain links and rails.

Attach Drag Chain Mount on Left Plate

To attach the drag chain mount to the left plate, take 2x M4x10mm bolts and put them through their respective holes on the drag chain bracket and plate. Take 2x M4 nylock nuts and secure the drag chain bracket with a 7mm wrench and a 2.5mm hex key. Keep in mind that this is for the left plate only, the other drag chain bracket of this type is for the x-carriage.

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