X-Carve Instructions / 1000mm / Gantry - X-Carriage / Homing Switch

Homing Switch

1000mm Homing Switch Kit
SKU Name Quantity
30557-02 Microswitch 1
25285-57 Socket Head Screw M2 x 14 2
30555-03 Washer, Split Lock M2 Stainless 2
25284-12 Hex Nut M2x0.4 2

Attach Home Switch to X-Carriage

Don’t forget to do this before you put the X-Carriage onto the makerslide rail!
If you ordered your kit with home switches, you’ll want to install the homing switch for the X-Carriage at this point. You’ll need 2x M2x14mm socket head cap screws, 2x M2 split ring washers, and a single microswitch from your kit. Put a split washer on each screw and insert them into the respective holes on the switch and X-Carriage.
The holes in the X-Carriage are tapped so you do not need to secure it with the M2x0.4 Hex Nut (25284-12) included in the kit. Remember to position the switch so that the roller actuator is facing down and to the outside.

NOTE: Make sure to position the protruding "split" of the split ring washer away from the plastic microswitch as that may cut into and damage the switch when tightened.

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