In this step, you’ll be assembling the main y axis rails and attaching them to the gantry. You’ll then attach this assembly to the work area.

Core Components Kit
SKU Name Quantity
30524-01 MakerSlide End Plate 4
25281-12 T-Slot Nut M5 Pre-Assembly 12
25286-38 Button Head Cap Screw M5 x 12 8
25286-33 Button Head Cap Screw M5 x 8 8
1000mm Rail Kit
SKU Name Quantity
25142-11 MakerSlide 1000mm Tapped Black 2

Note: If you purchased the Z-Axis Upgrade Kit, you will follow the same steps but use the z-axis upgrade hardware and risers. For components list, refer to the Z-Axis Upgrade instructions here.

Begin by attaching a makerslide end plate to each 1000mm makerslide rail. The groove on the side of the maker slide should be on the bottom. You will need to attach a stop to it in a later step that has to meet up with the homing switch. Also, make sure that the side of the makerslide with the v-rails is on the same side as the flat side of the end plate. Use 2x M5x12mm button head cap screws on each plate.

Insert 2x M5 pre-assembly insertion nuts into the top slot of each makerslide rail. These will be used to hold the belts.
Slide each rail onto the gantry and attach another makerslide end plate onto each makerslide rail with M5x12 button head cap screws. Position the gantry and rails over the work area as pictured.

Slide 2x M5 pre-assembly insertion nuts into the side of the aluminum extrusion on the work area to match up with the holes on each end plate (total of 8x nuts.) Use 8x M5x8mm button head cap screws to secure each end plate to the work area.
Adjust the v-wheels on each gantry side plate so the v-wheels run snugly on the rails, but not so tight that they bind.

Install Home Switch Actuators

1000mm Home Switch Kit
SKU Name Quantity
25312-25 Spacer 5.1mm ID 9.5mm 10.5mm Lg Aluminum 2
26016-03 T-Nut M5 Post Assembly 2
25285-51 Socket Head Screw M5 x 16 2

If you ordered your machine with homing switches you can now install the actuators for those switches.

Begin by locating two M5 post-assembly insertion nuts, two M5x16mm socket head cap screws, and two aluminum spacers.

Make sure that the spring clip is facing in. Insert a post-assembly insertion nut in the outer slot of the Y1 axis makerslide (lefthand side rail).

Insert the other post-assembly insertion nut in the rear slot of the x-axis wide makerslide.

Put an aluminum spacer onto an M5x16mm Socket head screw and thread the screw into the nut. You can now adjust the actuator so it is roughly 3/4” away from the front plate.

Repeat this process for the x-axis on the back slot of the wide makerslide rail.

Next Step: Belting